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Explore affordable health insurance options in Florida

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Looking for health insurance in Tennessee?

As a U.S. Health Advisor I am licensed to work in 27 states to explore options in each area. I’ve helped individuals, families and even smaller businesses explore the best health insurance around the state of Florida.

I’m located right from the heart of Nashville, however I work with clients nationwide. Typically we will do an over the phone appointment and screen share. I look forward to getting to know you soon!

Our phone appointment allows us to review health insurance options and run through the application with a professional. This helps give us the best chance of getting you approved for the plan you choose.

Affordable Health Insurance in Florida

Beware - if health insurance looks too good to be true, chances are it is! I love a good deal more than anyone, but be sure to ask questions and really get to know your plan.

However there is another perspective - why pay a ridiculous amount for health coverage?

The reality of the situation is that there are a lot of variants in price, but you can find affordable private health insurance anywhere! You just have to go with the right companies. This is my speciality. Insurance agencies have negotiated costs that can help lower the monthly payment from what you find online.

I can look at all of these plans and determine where you get the most ROI.

Health Insurance Subsidies in Florida

If you are looking for a government subsidy, I strongly recommend reviewing the information on One tool I find helpful is this calculator they provide to show what level of support you are eligible for if you fall into the low-income category.

Florida Dental Coverage

Dental insurance ranges in costs, however tends to be very affordable in the area. Depending on the level of coverage you need (ex. how often you visit the dentist, would you like all cleanings covered, dental surgery, etc.) we can explore add ons as we build you plan.

Florida Vision Coverage

The state of Florida has great options when it comes to vision! Most of these plans pay for themselves so if you need, I strongly recommend checking it out!

Are you ready to explore your options? Click here to set an appointment.

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