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Harwell Health Insurance Advising

Exploring your

options is easier

now than ever

I'll do all the heavy lifting - just hop on a call, tell me your needs and we can build an affordable plan.

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Let's work together to find affordable health insurance for you, your family or small business.

Working with a health insurance agent, advisor or broker can help ease the hassle of finding an affordable health insurance plan. I currently advise clients in 27 states. Every year I work with hundreds of individuals and families and help them save thousands a year!

Find a custom health insurance plan that covers you for everything you need and nothing you don't! That's one way to start saving money. However, there are key necessities to every plan you review. Check out my top 3 things to look at when choosing health coverage to know the most important things to consider. 

Ready to find affordable health insurance? Explore my process below and click here to get started!

Important things to consider when looking at plans:
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Accident Coverage

What's that thing people always say... "expect the unexpected!?"


Having proper accident coverage is extremely important when exploring plans.

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Mobile Health Care

I can not say enough good things about a good over the phone doctor's visit. Truly, I have had a great experience with these and strongly recommend trying them out when you need a doctor, but it's not extremely serious.

Umbrella Coverage Harwell Health.png

Umbrella Coverage

Keep all necessary coverage under your one umbrella of coverage. Building a plan is the best way to minimize costs and maximize benefits for the features you need.

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Before choosing a plan, always look into the network of doctors. If your doctor, or a doctor you would prefer, are not on the plan - it's useless! I never recommend plans with a small network.

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