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Based in Nashville.

Advising across the U.S.

I have been working with individuals from all over to build the best plan available in their area.

Let's work together to find yours.

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I'm Josiah Harwell and I'm a US Health Advisor located in Nashville, TN.

I grew up outside of Huntsville, AL and attended Lipscomb University here in Nashville. After college I spent a few years in accounting when I decided to change pace and focus on a career that allowed me to meet and help individuals around the country on a daily basis.

Finding affordable health insurance can be overwhelming. I have been on both sides of the process and there are a million options out there. I'm here to help find the best one to meet your budget.

Lucky for me I stay with you for the lifetime of your plan, so I look forward to building a relationship with you throughout the length of your coverage.

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